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A bug about update failure on the macOS Intel platform

· One min read
Joseph Simmons

Recently, we received feedback from some macOS Intel users that they were unable to install the latest updates.

Update Failed

Our developers are sorry for the inconvenience. The solution to the problem is simple, just download the latest version manually,

Problem analysis

macOS Intel was the first platform supported by WhaleDown. We've been signing with the earliest Apple Developer Certificate for years. It expired until the end of 2023.

Our developers copied the Apple Developer Certificate from the Apple Silicon platform and signed the macOS Intel version. Everything looks great except for the automatic updates.

The update was rejected because the automatic update module discovered that the application package used a different signature, believing that it was from another developer.


Once again, we apologize for the inconvenience. In the future, we will handle the software release process more carefully to bring you a smooth software usage experience.